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Corners, Safeties and other defensive questions!

So, about 100 days out from the season start and there are a few things that bare talking about. With Bowman out for the first half of the season (give or take) who gets the job next to Willis as starting ILB?
I think Wilhoite has done enough to deserve the first chance at it, he has previously shown that he is capable, at least in the short term.
I think that they may rotate Wilhoite with Moody, I believe the coaching staff have high hopes for Moody but if he doesn’t prove himself soon he will find himself on special teams or traded.
I will be interested to see how they use Boreland, he may be a better natural talent at ILB, maybe not across the board talent, but I think he has better ball hunting instincts.
I suppose that begs the question, in Bowmans absence do we want a ball hunter/play maker? Or do we want a lock down ILB who can support Willis and make the occasional big play?
For team stability I would probably go with Wilhoite as a lock down ILB, he has proven himself enough in my eyes.
I would like to see Boreland given some snaps on early downs because I think we have to see what he is capable of, but I think the bulk of the responsibility will fall to one of either Wilhoite or Moody.

Thoughts and comments?
Safeties and Corners, Who starts?
We seem to have a few to choose from now but the problem of a serious shutdown CB still remains. Culliver, while he is a serviceable CB is not a shutdown CB. He has good days on one on one coverage but is too inconsistant to rely on for a shutdown role.
Kieth Reaser sounds like he may grow into a shutdown role at some stage but not yet.
It would seem that a lot of this responsibility will fall to Reid again who may be able to share the load with Jimmie Ward.
I really hope that Bethea can live up to his contract, but his pass coverage could be suspect. I think that Ward will play more snaps and learn from Reid.
It’s possible that Brock or Wright step ut to the plate but I don’t think that either of them has to skill set to be a shutdown CB.

These are just a few thoughts, I’d love to hear what others have to say.

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